Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet my new BFF, Ming Wang!

As I prepare for this incredible conference in New York City, my head is spinning!

I don't want to pack my entire drawer full of capris and sleeveless tops knowing full well I only wore half of what I brought to Chicago. (Sorry Tim Gunn- I know you loathe capris, but with Tightwad laid off yet again, I am stuck with what I've got; five year-old capris.)

I've watched the tweets and twitpic's flying left and right about what people are wearing. Frankly, I get jealous and a bit miffed. I'm always tempted to post shots of myself naked - claiming that this is my outfit for the conference. However, I do know that the "powers that be" know who I am and where I live online, so I do practice a bit of restraint.

Yet I always wonder how it is that these well-known bloggers can receive free outfits, invites to lavish private parties, and cameras, etc. for these conferences. What do they do? How do they do it? Frankly, I'm so busy supporting my family, sharing embarrassing stories about my kids and cleaning up after my dogs, that I can barely keep my house clean. (No comments, Bitchy.)

Then, the impossible happened. I received an email.

"Hi, Vodkamom. I am Jack Smith from the PR firm of Smith&Wesson. We would like to know if you are attending the BlogHer conference in NYC in August. Please let us know right away!"

My reply? "HELL YES I AM!!!!!" (Which might have sealed my NO INVITE to the Nikon party, but we'll never know.)

A week or so went by, and I forgot about the email - and then I received another. "Ming Wangwould like to send you an outfit to wear to the conference. Please go to this link, choose what you like and send us the information. We will make sure you receive it before the conference."

what? WHAT???? SHE is sending ME an outfit? I had to read the email a few hundred times, before I finally decided it was legit.

And yes, I followed the directions. Three days later, voila.

Of course, I'll be wearing it to every party I attend (except the NIKON party, of course) so if you see me on the last night of the conference and we start chatting, you might not want to stand too close.

And the fact that there are no bottoms? It's a good thing I shaved.

(And don't be jealous. My hair is WAY TOO SHORT- so we're even.)