Monday, June 29, 2009

Sassy get Suffed for under TEN BUCKS!

Now that we’re back from vacation, Sassy has begun her quest to make a meal for fewer than ten dollars, and is planning a meal for dinner for the next three days!

We had one last night, and these were her ingredients!

1 package of ground hamburger. (2 lbs at 1.99 a pound)

1 box of Stove Top stuffing (beef) ($1.49)

Sweet Corn (10 ears for $2.00)

Onion (we had one in our pantry thank God)

package of generic pre-made salad. (.99)

Total cost of Sassy’s meal? Are you ready????

A whopping $8.46!!

She mixed the meat, along with salt, pepper, onion and meat tenderizer. Then, she mixed up the stuffing. She rolled the meat out into a rectangle, and then spread a layer of stuffing down the center. Kind of like a tube of stuffing- according to HER.

Then she rolled it into a cylinder, and clamped the ends together. Voila! A stuffed meatloaf. She put a line of ketchup across the top, and placed onion rings in a line on it as well. (She said it had to not only TASTE good, but LOOK good as well.

She baked it at 350 degrees for about 55 minutes. Along with the meatloaf, we had fresh sweet corn and a lovely salad.

Yeah For Sassy!! Of course she’s getting herself into trouble, because now we KNOW she can cook. She’s got herself a NEW chore around the house!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stove Top Challenge

Is there a God? Well yes, Sassy, there is! And He LOVES stuffing...

A week ago we were contacted by STOVE TOP STUFFING to try to make FIVE meals for ten dollars each!!

Well, Sassy was jumping for JOY because stuffing is her FOOD OF CHOICE! You know how Bitchy is a salad junkie?? Well, Sassy is the stuffing junkie and to be quite honest, is almost as TIGHT as her dad, Tightwad.

I gave her $50.00 cash, and told her that she needed to plan and purchase items for FIVE meals with this money. She was allowed to use the spices and some things from our pantry, and she just went to town.

She decided to do stuffed chicken breasts, with carrots and a salad. I made her keep the receipt and PROVE to me that she met the cash limit. Smart-aleck that she IS, she kept this meal UNDER ten dollars, proving to me at last that she IS an over-achiever.

Chicken Breasts - $5.00
Stove top Stuffing (on SALE) $1.59
Frozen Carrots (also on sale) $.89

Total amount spent??????? $7.48!!!!

She put the boneless chicken breasts between Saran Wrap, pounded them to make them thin, and then after mixing the stove top stuffing up, she placed a large scoop inside each one. She rolled them up, put toothpicks in them and baked them on an oiled casserole dish. After baking for 35 minutes, she sliced them and put them on a plate.

Our meal was fantastic!

If you want to win 10 coupons for Stove Top stuffing, simply leave a comment and I will put your name in some kind of scientific raffle thingy.

And when I say scientific, I mean Sassy will draw a name out of a hat.

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