Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We may LOOK ordinary, but we are fabulous...

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I’ve spent many a night in bed wondering where I went wrong.

I’ve spent a billion nights schlepping through every hill and dale delivering my children to soccer games, track meets, field hockey tournaments, football games and play dates. I’ve forgotten field trip permission slips, yearbook money, birthday parties, and many important papers.

I’ve embarrassed my children in front of teachers, friends, parents of friends, my co-workers and potential suitors.

My children (Bitchy, Sassy and The Golden Boy), despite all my best efforts, apparently still love me. I offer this as evidence, and will forever refer to it as Exhibit One:

Fortunately for us (can you see my eyes rolling?) Bitchy lives close enough to our house that she can take her evening billion-mile run and come right to our back door.

She walked in the door the other night for a short visit from her college campus and noticed a birthday card on my counter.

“Oh my GOD!” She exclaimed as she grabbed it. “Is that from SASSY? But I thought she HATED you!”

“Me, too!” I said. “Apparently we were wrong.”

And now I have finally realized that this family, this amazingly normal, yelling, fighting family is really INDEED extraordinary.

And each of these surprising moments is a lovely reminder about how wonderful normal really can be.

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  1. You wouldn't think there is a normal in my home. Not when my twin daughters sob at top of their lungs because I haven't given them a cell phone: "We just want to be NORMAL!" (said in that low, groaning elephant man way). But yes, I agree. Normal is the new extraordinary.

  2. dang, I missed it. See what happens when I get lazy and stop reading blogs for a week or two?

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