Monday, November 15, 2010

We are ALWAYS ready for some football...

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I was watching the kids attempt to play a game of football one afternoon at recess. Anyone who has been around five year olds KNOWS that an organized game of ANY kind is typically out of the question.

At some point during the hysterical “chase whoever picks up the ball” game, one young boy ran up to me and stood panting. Finally, after catching his breath, he asked, “Mrs. Smythe, WHY do they call it football when we use our HANDS?”

I shared this story that Sunday, during our Sunday football marathon, and got to wear the “Official Football Necklace” for the duration of the day. This, my friends, was quite an honor.

The Necklace was purchased at a Flea Market in New England- a gargantuan, sparkly, gaudy, coveted necklace worn only by the winner of the “best true story” contest.

The contest, in which each family member brings the funniest story to football Sunday, determines who wears the good luck necklace. It has, for years and years, brought incredible luck to the bearer of the necklace and the team that this person supports.

For me? There is NO question- the Philadelphia Eagles. I have been a loyal fan since I was old enough to understand what football WAS. I would spend time at my father’s feet and listen as he spoke of his favorite team.

As the years went by, I can to watch and admire the coaching of Dick Vermeil, and thus an Eagle Fan For Life was borne.

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And now, as I wear the necklace and watch them play their hearts out on Sundays I not only cheer for those playing on the field, but those who have played before.

And if I ever get the chance to speak to ANY of those strong and talented men, I would ask them the same question that Jack asked me.

“Why DO we call it football?”

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