Friday, August 14, 2009

Even Sassy likes Wendy's...

When I announced to Bitchy and Sassy that we would be trying some food from Wendy's, they were SHOCKED!!

They knew I was on a health kick, and couldn't believe I would be going to Wendy's for healthy food! I love to shock them.....

However, when I was told by the good people at Wendy's that they had new boneless chicken wings, made with 100% whole chicken breast, and were hand tossed in one of three sophisticated flavors: Bold Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and Sweet & Spicy Asian Chicken - I KNEW I had to try it!!

They really do have the delicious taste of boneless wings you might get in a sit-down restaurant, and, paired with a side salad, it's a great fast food alternative for us Moms! Better yet - the wings remind me of that commercial where the kids scream out: “Mikey likes it!” – a delicious protein alternative for those kids who would rather live on French fries.

Now that school is starting, as well as football and field hockey, I know that this is the place you will find us at LEAST three nights out of the week!

Thanks, Wendy's!