Friday, August 14, 2009

Step away from the chips...


Why is it, that everytime I TRY to sneak a chip, Bitchy catches me????

"B., I am JUST having ONE."

"Mom. You've been doing this whole Crystal Light thing this week, and you are doing SO well. Do NOT mess up by eating those chips."

Honestly, sometimes I wish she could just be a engineering major, or an education major, or a math major, or ANYTHING other than a NUTRITION major at Oregon State University.

"Mom, we are putting those chips down, and going to a bike ride. Right now. COME ON!!!"

And off we went.......

God Bless Her. I think she might want her mom to hang around a while.

Oh, and Crystal Light? Please send me some MORE PACKETS!! My girls are stealing all of mine, and we love them!

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  1. There is NO SUCH THING as eating only one chip. Take it from a certified chip monster. Not happening.

  2. You are amazing. Two of these blogs going? I'm so impressed. I'll join you!

  3. I need Bitchy here. I ate chips yesterday. LOL

  4. I remember this one! Eat every 2 hours. Not full meals mind you, just a good breakfast, 2 hours later a banana or apple or a 100 cal snack pack, a good lunch, repeat from after breakfast, then a good dinner.

    Drink water throughout the day. Even the diet sodas are bad, it is the carbonation, not just the sugar that makes your belly get all bloated.

    Walk a mile or so a day.

    Damn, I really need to take my own advice. I did this a while back and lost 15 pounds. Then I stopped and BOOM I was right back to my original weight.. which is what it was at DD

    Good luck

  5. If you ever need a break from Bitchy, please send her my way. I need her.